Sunday 23rd January

Hi Church Family

A very warm welcome to this week’s Thursday Thoughts!


Our breakfast is back this Sunday! Yay!! It’s bacon butties this week as well as toast, cereals, fruit, tea, coffee, and fruit juice. Can’t wait! How wonderful to be back together like this again. Massive thanks to our Breakfast Team for making this a reality.


Following a wonderful Wednesday café this week, Saturday Café is back! Join us from 10-11.30am for free tea, coffee, toast, hot chocolate and great conversation!


Alpha starts in just 1 week!

Starting next Thursday (27th) at 7.45pm (until Thursday 10th March), we’ll be meeting in our building, enjoying puddings or savoury snacks, watching an interesting video, and chatting about it afterwards. we’d love to see you there!

With 10 people signed up already, please let me (or Trev, Linda, Stephen, Kathryn or Mary) know if you’d like to come.


Gents, on Saturday 5th February at 8.30am, join us for a full English breakfast! Please let me know if you can make it. Huge thanks to Steve Clark for making this possible. All gents from our Church Family are more than welcome!


Ladies, also on Saturday 5th February, but this time at 12.30pm, join us for Ladies who Lunch at The King’s Arms in Bagshot. Come along for a chat over a drink and have a bite to eat if you please. All ladies from our Church Family are more than welcome!


We’re so excited about restarting our activities and it remains essential to keep each other safe as follows:

1.   Please remember to respect the colour of the lanyard which each of our church family chooses to wear. To remind ourselves:

·      Green means ‘Okay with hugs and high-fives’

·      Yellow means ‘Okay with talking but not touching’

·      Red means ‘Hi I’m keeping my distance.’

2.   Please always wear your face mask unless you are medically exempt. Please follow this instruction to keep each other safe. 

3.   Please leave one chair space between family groupings/friendship groupings. Please respect this initiative to keep each other safe. 

4.   Please ensure that there are no more than 6 people at our tables, no matter whether the table is bigger or smaller.

5.   Please only move around during our cafes and breakfast if it is necessary.


The Co-Op have decided to choose us as one of the main causes they’d like to support this year in our area. So, we are part of the Co-op Local Community Fund. Please would you consider becoming a Co-op member and choosing us as your local cause and help raise funds for our Community Breakfast? It’s a really easy way to raise money for the breakfast as all you do is ask for a card in the Co-op (if you don’t have one – the card is free) and scan it each time you shop – easy peasy! Here’s the link you’ll need: Thank you.


9.45am: Quiet Communion

10am-10.40am: Breakfast in the hall 

10.40am: 5-minute countdown

10.45am: Service begins 

We’ve got so much to look forward to in the months ahead of us. Have a look at what’s coming up:

This SundayHow do I see God? What is he really like? 1 John 3:1-2 and Luke 15:11-32
Next SundayWhy would I want to be God’s child? What are the benefits? Romans 8:11-17 and Acts 2:22-24
6th FebruaryDoes God want me to be religious or does he want something else? Matthew 7:7-11 and Revelation 3:15-20
13th FebruaryHow can I be prepared for the battles that lie ahead? Part 1 John 19:28-30 and Ephesians 6:10-20 
20th FebruaryHow can I be prepared for the battles that lie ahead? Part 2 Ephesians 4:26-32 and 2 Corinthians 10:3-5
27th FebruaryWhy do I need to be forgiven? Psalm 130:1-8 and Mark 2:1-12
6th March Why do I need to forgive others? Matthew 18:21-35 and Ephesians 4:32-5:2
13th MarchHow can my heart be healed? Isaiah 61:1-11 and John 21:15-19
20th MarchWhy is prayer so vital? Luke 18:1-8 and Ephesians 6:18-20
27th MarchMothering Sunday 
3rd AprilWhy is reading God’s Word so vital? Psalm 119:161-165 and Hebrews 4:12
10th AprilPalm Sunday Why should I be humble? What does humility look like? Micah 6:8 and Philippians 2:1-11
15th AprilGood Friday  Good Friday Reflection
17th AprilEaster Sunday John 20:1-18 and 1 Peter 1:3-9
24th AprilWhat should my heart be like? Luke 23:32-34 and Ephesians 4:32-5:1 
1st MayWhy should I be careful with my speech? James 3:3-12 and Colossians 4:6
8th MayWhy should I love my enemies? How do I love my enemies? Proverbs 25:21-22 and Matthew 5:43-48 
15th MayClearing the path for Pentecost: Step 1 – Repentance 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Acts 3:17-19
22nd MayClearing the path for Pentecost: Step 2 – Obedience John 14:15-27 and Acts 1:1-5
29th MayClearing the path for Pentecost: Step 3 – Unity Psalm 133:1-3 and John 17:20-23
5th JunePentecost Clearing the path for Pentecost: Step 4 – Prayerfulness Jeremiah 29:10-14, Acts 1:12-14 and Acts 2:1-13 

A very warm welcome is so important. In everything we do, therefore, please keep a special look out for anyone sitting or standing on their own and please either ask them to come and join you or go over to them. 


·      more leaders and helpers for our Lighthouse and Ignite groups (especially Ignite)

·      more mature and active Christians to help our church family and reach out to the local community

·      more families to join us. 


I’m pleased to let you know that the attached adorable drawing is still available for you to bid upon! You can pay whatever you can afford. Please message Racheal or me or email us at:


Before Christmas, we met Faith, and her husband, Stuart, in the service. I’m delighted to announce that she will be starting her placement with us next Sunday. Faith will be with us until Easter. Please say, ‘Hello’ to Faith and Stuart and make them feel so welcome.


Lighthouse and Ignite are on this Sunday! As always, thank you so much to our cherished leaders and helpers!


Following a delightful Tuesday Tots this week, we look forward to seeing you again with your toddlers from 9-10.30am on Tuesday.


The Free Food Stall is open this Sunday from 12:30-1.30pm across the road at the Youth Centre. Please come along if you need a bit of help putting food on the table.


Wednesday Word has been fabulous! Thank you so much to Caroline, Trev, Linda, Gretel, Chris W and Kim for your passion and effort in producing such great Wednesday Words. It’s been hugely appreciated, especially during Lockdown when we couldn’t meet together.

Now that we can meet together and receive from the Lord together in lots of different ways, not least on Sunday mornings and in our Life Groups, the Wednesday Word team believe that its season has now come to an end and the time is right to focus our time and energy into our other ministries. Alpha will provide the first new opportunity for you to receive, and I really hope that you can come as it’s going to be great! 

So, thanks again Caroline, Trev, Linda, Gretel, Chris W and Kim. Thanks for feeding us on Wednesdays and I look forward to hearing more good news stories because of the additional time and energy now available to you.


Please think about who God might be calling to be your prayer partner.


·      of the same sex

·      who doesn’t have to be perfect (none of us are perfect!)

·      who’s a bit further along the Christian journey than you are so he or she can help you.

I can’t recommend a prayer partner enough to you. A mentor for life. Someone who you can really trust, who you can really confide in and pray your socks off with about the stuff that really matters in life. Someone, who loves the Lord in our church family who’ll be there for you in the thick and the thin.


If you are the last person to leave our building, then please ensure that all doors in the entire building are closed. Also, please remember to lock the office whenever you leave it. 


It’s not our wish to hand a plate around our church family to receive financial gifts from our church family. If you wish to express your thanks to God through financial giving, then please place your offering in the box labelled ‘Church Family Giving’ or see our treasurer, Stephen, who can arrange for you to give via standing order or direct debit if that is your preferred method of giving.


Check out our Facebook page here:

It’s updated regularly!


Check out our website here:


Let’s keep on praying for five people whom you would like to come to know Jesus. It will literally change their lives!


We have lots of lovely cards catering for lots of different family occasions for you to buy for a family member or a friend! All proceeds from the sale of the cards will go towards the work of our church.


Our cherished Life Groups are essential for:

·      building deeper friendships

·      studying God’s Word together and applying to each other’s lives

·      caring, supporting, and praying for each other

If you haven’t joined a Life Group yet, then I warmly recommend this wonderful opportunity to you. Please contact me or Em to find out more.


This happens every Monday night at 8pm. We gather to catch up with each other, enjoy each other’s company and have a go at the Life Group questions. Gents, you’re very welcome to join us. Please contact either Mike or me for the Zoom link.


Join us at 10am on Mondays, 9am from Tuesday to Friday and 9.30am on Saturdays.We would simply love to have you with us. More prayer = more of God’s power at work in our lives. Prayer is as essential as the air that we breathe. 


The Prayer Chain is a group of people in our church family who are committed to pray for others and would be honoured and privileged to pray for you. If you would like prayer for something, then please ask. Prayer is powerful, it unlocks doors and invites God into the room. If you would like something to go on the prayer chain, then please let me or Em know. Everything you share will be kept confidential. 

Every blessing


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