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This Sunday

Come and join us on Facebook Live, at 10.30am. Everyone’s always more than welcome!

With the UK opening up and restrictions being eased across the country, after much prayer and consideration, the PCC agreed last night that our church building will be open for worship THIS SUNDAY.

We’ll still have to wear face-masks, sit in households socially-distanced 2 metres apart, and we won’t be able to sing (but we will be led by our band). However, we have the opportunity to enjoy being together again in the same building and working towards getting ready for Sunday 24th July which will be the first Sunday, hopefully, when further restrictions are lifted.

Furthermore, work on improving and enhancing our AV system in church is now completed. The sound is clear and audible, a remote camera has been installed, a monitor has been installed in the hall and both our live streaming and PowerPoint projection capability has been improved. Consequently, the AV Team is very excited! Just the odd tweak here and there will now be necessary. Going back to our building this Sunday will also allow us to fine-tune our AV system.

So, we would be delighted to see you in our church building on Sunday. If you would like to hang on and wait for Sunday 24th July, when further restrictions will hopefully be lifted, then we completely understand. If that’s the case, then we would appreciate your feedback on the quality of the sound and vision sitting at home.

For the time being, our children and youth groups will continue on Zoom. However, we will be reviewing this very soon!

Really looking forward to being with you, together in our building, on Sunday 24th July, if not before.

Every blessing

Click here for our Spring/Summer Sermon series
How can we be faithful?
(for the Sundays from July to August)

Video Talks

The Revd. Haydon Wilcox is running quiet days and evenings at St. Columba’s Retreat House, Maybury Hill, Woking.
These events will support people as they return into the world from lockdown and will offer the opportunity to share, reflect, to be spiritually fed and gain encouragement.
All Covid protocols will be practised to ensure a safe environment and are restricted to 16 people.
Remaining places: 28th September. Many events are now full and additional dates will be offered.
To receive details and make a booking please contact St. Columba’s House on
Tel. 01483 766 498 or email:
For more details, please see this leaflet .


We will be following government and Church of England guidelines during the Coronavirus epidemic – we will try to advise of any changes on this page.

Free Food Stall

Fruit & Veg stall is open with ODCoG in St Martin’s car park on Sundays from 12 o’clock to half past one.. Please come down if you need some food. Message us if you can’t get here. We are here to help.

Perhaps you’ve lost your job during lockdown. Perhaps, you’ve fallen on hard times. Maybe you’re struggling to get by. If you need emergency support with food, some help, or just some advice, then we and the Old Dean Community Group are here to help you. Phone: 07955 743726 or DM us. We can help you.
We and ODCoG are still here for you and we always will be. Please phone this number, email us or message us if you need help. It really is ok to ask for help. We’re all in the same boat.

Do you need food? We can provide food parcels for those who can’t afford to buy the food they need to live on.
Do you need help picking up your shopping?
Do you need help picking up your prescriptions?
See this page for ways we are helping in our community.

‘St Martin’s are working with the Old Dean Community Group. We’ve delivered many food parcels and we are more than happy to help you too. Just ask … and we’ll be there. We’ll get through this – together we are stronger.’

We’ll return to the activities below as soon as the Coronavirus pandemic is over. We will get through this together!

What’s On photo by unsplash-logoMaddi Bazzocco, other photos by Alice Clark

Safeguarding Information

The PCC of St Martin’s is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community. Particular regard is given to the care and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults. For further information please contact the Parish Safeguarding Officer, Michael Collier on 07990 978766. Alternatively, Diocesan Safeguarding Advise is available from Jane Huttly on 01483 790321 (07552 530355) or jane.huttly at For further information please see the Diocesan safeguarding website.

If you have any concerns about past church related abuse, please read this document for advice on how to get help.