In 2009, the church read the New Testament in a year.  We had our own plan for doing that and many bought a paperback New Testament so they could write in it any notes or questions they had.

We want to repeat that in 2018, with as many church members as possible using the plan together to improve our Bible knowledge.

For those who struggle with reading, but are happy to listen to the Bible being read, Bob will be starting from New-Year’s Day reading aloud the passages from the plan at 8:30am each day.  If there have been no takers after the first fortnight he will probably stop doing that.

For those who would like to ask questions, share insights and discuss each week’s readings I am planning a Bible study at 10:15am each Saturday morning (around the same time as Café).  There will be time for questions about the week’s readings and time to explore insights together that we might miss alone.  You can attend every week, or occasionally as you prefer.  Unfortunately, the first session cannot happen as it would clash with our Healing Day, but since those readings cover the nativity you may have heard them read relatively recently.  Our Bible studies will therefore start on Saturday 13 Jan.  Hope to see you there.

We will be publishing the programme each week.  We want to have everyone reading the same passages each day, but if you fall behind, don’t worry.

Each Saturday the following week’s readings will be posted; see the News on the right-hand side. Here is the full schedule