On the 1st Sunday of the month, we have Communion in the service with the following timings:  

10.00am: Breakfast in the hall

10.40am: 5-minute countdown 

10.45am: Service begins.

 On the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Sunday of the month, we have Communion before we have breakfast together with the following timings:  

9.45am: Quiet Communion in church

10.00am-10.45am: Breakfast in the hall 

10.40am: 5-minute countdown 

10.45am: Service begins.

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Given our agreement that a phased approach to easing restrictions in our building is the best way forward, good, healthy and lengthy discussions were had at PCC and (after lots and lots of prayer) the following decisions were made:

Face Masks 

We still strongly encourage the use of face masks within our building, especially when moving about. However, we recognise that it if your choice if you decide to wear one or not.

Church Family Singing 

Church family singing with masks on is now allowed. We recognise that wearing a mask is a personal choice. Therefore, if someone next to you chooses not to wear a mask and is singing, and you are not comfortable with this, then please move respectfully to wherever you feel comfortable.

Seeing as our church family are now joining in with the band, we will increase the number of songs we are singing each week from 2 songs to 3 songs.

Where to sit

In order to keep us safe alone (because we are passionate about making new friends!) we encourage you to sit in family or friendship groups – the groups you would normally associate with outside of church.

We encourage you to leave an item on the chair space next to you if mixing outside of these groups.

We’ll no longer use the cards on chairs with the above understanding in place. We’ll have cards at hand if you want one. 

Please follow the one-way system to keep a good flow wherever possible

Please wear the coloured lanyards to help each other identify how we’re feeling.


We propose no change to our current arrangements.

Coffee after the service

We had a long discussion about this and it was decided to put this on hold for the moment purely because we are aware that lots of us are working very hard right now. We will wait for a whole cycle of our community breakfast to pass and then review accordingly.