At St Martin’s, we believe that prayer is vital and powerful


Our PCC agrees that the time is now right to introduce a couple of opportunities for our Church Family to meet in person to pray together, as well as online. So, I’m glad to announce the following Morning Prayer Schedule:

·      Monday on Zoom at 10am

·      Tuesday on Zoom at 9am

·      Wednesday in person before Cafe at 9am in the prayer room

·      Thursday on Zoom at 9am

·      Friday on Zoom at 9am

·      Saturday in person before Cafe at 9am in the prayer room

·      Sunday in person after Quiet Communion

We would simply love to have you with us. More prayer = more of God’s power at work in our lives. Prayer is as essential as the air we breathe.


This happens on the last Wednesday of every month on Zoom at 7pm. Please contact either Mike or Chris for the Zoom link.


Let’s keep on praying for five people whom you would like to come to know Jesus. 


The Prayer Chain is a group of people in our church family who are committed to pray for others and would be honoured and privileged to pray for you. If you would like prayer for something, then please ask. Prayer is powerful, it unlocks doors and invites God into the room. If you would like something to go on the prayer chain, then please let me or Em know. Everything you share will be kept confidential. 

‘We pray for everyone in our parish. Every day, we pray for the people in a selection of roads in the parish, making sure that all the roads are covered in prayer. These roads are also prayed for during the Sunday service too.

On Sundays, prayer is offered by members of our prayer team .

There is a box in the hallway for requests for prayer – these will be prayed for confidentially by our prayer team.