Explore is an All-Age service on the 1st Sunday

Our All-Age ‘Explore’ service

Readings: Psalm 100 (CEV) Luke 21: 1-4

What is worship?

Reading: Luke 21:1-4   The Widow’s Offering

‘God loves us so much, and through worship, we love him back’– Worship is one of our Core Values

  1. What is worship?
  2. What kind of things can we worship?
  3. Why do we worship God?
  4. When do we worship?
  5. How do we worship?
  6. Does it matter? Why? / Why not?
  7. What matters most when we worship?
  8. How did the widow worship?
  9. What might we learn from the widow?
  10. How could we worship God this week?