St Martin’s 2018 Bible scheme - 19th to 25th November

19Acts 11
20Acts 12
21Acts 13: 1-15
22Acts 13: 16-52
23Acts 14
24Acts 15
25Acts 16
Your Bible reading time is precious. Try not to rush it. Choose a time when you are not tired or anxious; preferably the same time each day, so it can become a good habit. Start with a few minutes silence, so you are calm to receive from God. Then pray. You might like to use the prayer below. In the same way, after reading, be silent and still so God can speak to you. Make a note of what He says and of any verses that strike you.

Father, time reading my Bible is time spent with you.
As I read, help me to understand it and be changed by it.
Holy Spirit, cleanse my mind of all unhelpful and distracting
thoughts and breathe life into the words.
Lord Jesus, I welcome you into my body, mind and spirit.
Heal me, so that I may use what you say to serve and
represent you well today. Amen.